Photo by Denver Rodrigues 

Photo by Denver Rodrigues 


My Artist BIO

So Why JairoPhonics ?

My name is Jairo and I make Phonics.... Badoonk tsk ? Drummer joke.. 

I am a Colombian born and raised guy, came to Toronto in 2004 and here we are. 

I started playing drums at 14 (31 now) back in Colombia, playing Korn, Papa Roach, System Of A Down, Limp Bizkit, and played in my first band "Doble raza" a latin Reggae with influences of Gondwana, Cultura Profética. Got back into Rock and metal once in Toronto, listening to a lot of Deftones, Slipknot, Norma Jean, Disturbed,Linkin Park and more.. 

Did the youtube thing with drum covers for a bit, in and out of few bands. Got to work with the Amazing Sylvia Massy (producer) while playing drums for a Toronto band AS, after leaving the band, finished my College and got my Degree in Photography from Humber College, Now that is my job and starting my solo Career in music under "JairoPhonics" 

My first single  New Day  is inspired by Deftones and my attempt at playing guitar and bass (Slowly Learning) 

I will be releasing new music as often as I can, and in many genres that I just like to play with. 

What to expect :

Rock, metal, EDM style, Rap, Rap/Metal and even reggae... I just love making music and collaborating with artists in different genres.


So thank you for checking my music out and I hope you dig it. 

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